Monday, April 29, 2013

Starfighter concept art

Sith Interceptor - Stage 1 (Concept Design)

Quick concept sketch for a Sith Starfighter during the mid New Sith Wars era (1500BBY).  A friend of mine, James, is going to model this in 3D for us.  When he finishes, I'll put up the Top/Side/Front views, pictures of the final 3D and textured model, and go over what happens in the process of sketch to game asset.  This piece is a proof of concept - you have the idea, you have some quick sketches to show the art lead, but at some point you have see what the finished product should look like before devoting the time and resources to fully realizing the idea.  It's especially true if this is not the only vessel you're designing (and would thus need to work in concert with the other designs of the same faction.)

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